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Innovation through collaboration at Innovationhq

Innovationhq coworking space/ shared office space is a coworking community of believers, idealists, and doers. Our coworking office space is all about bringing together the wonderful minds from various areas to promote networking, teamwork, and collaboration. Innovationhq coworking space offers you a unique environment for you to collaborate with like-minded, talented and energetic people who help you in building your brand also you will get the opportunity to socialize with the talented people in the coworking community. In our coworking space, you surround yourself with motivated and enthusiastic professionals who are on the same wavelength. Plus, by being in such a productive environment, you are plunging yourself into a nice pool of possible contacts and resources.

In the midst of a hustling and bustling city, this is the ultimate place to connect, to share, to learn, to be inspired, and to grow. Innovationhq serves as a stepping-stone for your early-stage startup, giving you access to the ecosystem and support you lacked working solo and need in order to thrive and grow in a dynamic, fast-paced world where competition is fierce. we guarantee that our individuals’ representatives gain access to the right resources to accelerate their success. At innovationhq you can collaborate, connect, create.

Why Us

We, at Innnovationhq believe in the advantages of coworking. The constant networking, the blend of ideas and the serendipity of chance exchanges will only drive your business forward. We combine the best of both worlds to provide a motivational working environment while saving up to 25% on costs



Banjara Hills Rd Number 3, Green Valley, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034.


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