These handy tips will help to keep you productive and sane During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Stick to your routine: Wake up, shower and get dressed. Follow a schedule and sets goals for the day, It will help get into work mode. Keep your routine as best as you can.

Pick an Office spot in your house:  Make it your dedicated ‘office’. Keep in mind what kind of calls you might be making and what type of work you’ll be doing. Try to set up your workspace in a well-lit room or one with as much natural light as possible.

Set office hours: Work the same hours you would do in a regular office, make the best use of technology to finish your work, attend meetings and engage with co-workers with the same frequency required during active office hours.

Don’t just sit there: Sitting in a one place isn’t healthy and will only worsen your quarantine blues. Walk around the house to destress and keep your energy level at optimum.

Stay connected with your work buddies: If you work on a team make sure to log in regularly just like you would in the office. It’s a good idea to set up regular check-in via phone or video calls.

Engage in alternative activities: to keep your mind and body active. For example, listen to music or sing; try dancing or biking, yoga or meditation; take virtual tours of museums and places of interest; sketch or paint; read books or novels; solve puzzles or play board games; try new recipes, and learn about other cultures.

Refuel Regularly: Maintain consistent timings for healthy snacking. Don’t miss out on your daily intake of protein and vitamins.

Stay healthy: Lethargy and weight gain can set in faster than you think. To avoid this, stretch out a lot before, during, or after the shift. At-home workouts are also a  good option. Consider rolling out a yoga mat or doing a 30-minute high intensity set via online exercise videos. If not that, try pushups.