Have you ever heard about coworking rules if not then we are here to tell you some basic rules of coworking space.

Meet your coworkers: the first and foremost important thing for coworking space members is to Meet your coworkers because you will be sharing the workspace with these people so why not get to know them. Introduce yourself to the other coworking members you never know what kind of connections you may make.

Respect the working space: Always and always respect the coworking space especially people who use flexible desks. Nobody wants to work on a desk covered in the crumpled posts, leftover coffee or the remains of your lunch. So maintain the cleanliness and keep it neat and tidy.

Keep an open mind: In a coworking space, it is important to keep an open mind. Try to talk openly about your work and discuss the ideas. Don’t hesitate to ask your coworkers for their opinion. Ask questions, give feedback at the same time remember to respect the privacy of your coworkers.

Work and let work:  Innovationhq understands that you cannot work in a complete silence environment and brainstorming can be loud and passionate way to come up with great ideas. But sometimes, we all need to block out the distraction in order to properly focus on work.  So if you want to brainstorm things with your team pls book a private room or meeting room so others can work without distraction. Also, plug in your earplug if you want to listen to music so other coworkers cannot distract from those noises.

Be active in the community:  Being a part of the coworking community means being active in the community. We do a variety of events monthly and weekly participate in the events and be a part of the community. Meet members that you might not normally interact with and enjoy!

Ask for help: Ask for help from someone with a different skillset from your own and be prepared to help in return. This is one of the important benefit of coworking where you get a chance to work with all kinds of people.