Traditional offices

  1. More control over your work environment: People who work in traditional offices often feel suffocated by constantly working in the same environment.  Also, traditional offices are lack of flexibility that coworking spaces offer.  Working in a traditional office often has its own cons such as health, mental status, depression, and a busy lifestyle. People often found themselves out of motivation and unhappy due to the environment they worked in.
  2. Limited access to resources such as printing, hi-speed wifi: People has minimal access to resources such as wifi, utilities, telephony system etc in traditional offices. Typically there are many guidelines which you have to follow when you are working in traditional offices.
  3. Favoritism is always there: You must have experienced favoritism many times in large corporations or you must have heard about the coworkers who didn’t get a promotion because he/she was not the favorite employee.
  4. Reduce the creativity: The same boring office every day, same people, same environment, same routines it all gets so repetitive and eventually loses its charm and in the end efficiency decreases.


  1. Develop your network quickly:

coworking is a great opportunity to network and work among other people, which is something they otherwise would not get to experience. The person sitting next to you could be a great contact or may be able to connect you with someone who could help grow your business. The people surrounding you are resources you might not have been exposed to in a traditional office environment.

2. Discover talented individuals to work with: In coworking spaces, people usually search for openness and collaboration from those around them. Also, you get the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and freelancers, reach out to them for advice, and learn from them.

3. Positive environment: Coworking spaces offers an amazingly open and fun environment that fosters creativity and where work becomes play. Their focus is to provide you and your team a positive environment.

4. Affordable prices:  With a coworking space, you have the advantage of having access to the tools and resources you need at a much lower price. Coworking spaces are efficient for new businesses and give you the right environment to flourish in this focused condition. You also avoid paying rent on an office or getting roped into a lease.