Nowadays, co-working spaces have become the solution for most people to work at. At co-working spaces all you can get is focus. You can give your undivided attention to your projects and not worrying about anything in the world. You have the comfort and flexibility of your work and work hours while enjoying the focus a regular workplace offers.

Researchers found out that co-working can save money by and large 20-25% on your office costs, any business that overlooks a 25% sparing is certifiably not a keen business.

InnovationHQ is a thriving communities of talented and self-confident people who come not only to work, but also to create real connections that can help them personally as well as professionally. At InnovationHQ, you are constantly surrounded by passionate, self-motivated individuals, which positively affects your motivation towards your work.

Co-working space is definitely the future of all workplaces. There will be no more of those offices where you come to work using formal clothes and ties. Those kinds of things are the ones that restrict workers’ freedom. InnovationHQ is not only about the physical space in which we work, it provides a collaborative workspace and community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and independent workers to learn, grow, teach and excel together. We would like to see this particular community engage in discussion ranging from tips, best practices, ideas, success stories, failures, and anything else relevant.

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